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Spring Break 2012: AWAKEN

Every year my church's college ministry goes on a mission trip over spring break to a city near the border. The trip is called Awaken and this was my second time to go. It was my first time to be a small team leader (sic'em drama team!) and to go as a lifegroup leader. God moved in such huge ways, it was incredible!

I had little to no down-time between Quartet and this trip, which made the start of it somewhat trying. The show closed Thursday night, Friday we packed our bags and kicked things off with a prayer rally, then boarded the bus at 7:30am Saturday morning. I have only just begun to process the amazing things God did in that city and in my heart, but let me tell you it was life changing!

This set are pictures from our first outreach. We went into one of the neighborhoods and set up home base in the driveway of a woman's trailer. We spent some time in worship and eating lunch, then divided into groups to pick up trash along the street. After an hour or so, we came back together to rest in what little shade we had before going back out into the neighborhood to invite people to watch our set. So many people came! 

The dance team performed, Jenna shared her testimony, then we did the drama {Life or Death} and Nate shared the gospel, Luis translating it into Spanish. 25 people gave their lives to Christ! Including 10-15 children! It was an incredible site to see. We stayed there almost 6 hours I think and it was like a Holy Spirit block party. We danced, played games, discipled, and really enjoyed our time there.  What an incredible first outreach!
The first picture here is of the little girl I held most of the night of that first outreach. She was so precious and nothing phased her at all. Next is our team picture with our section parents. We were Team Bring Him Back! I absolutely adore these people. We also had a series of baptisms our last night of the trip where 7 of our students were baptized, including 3 girls from my lifegroup! God is so good! Lastly, there is a shot of my lifegroup on the bus ride home. These people mean so much to me and it was fun to see what God did in our lives and what vision he's given us to come back and kick lifegroup off again.
We stopped for Chick-fil-a on the way home! Praise the Lord! After a week of Subway-style sandwiches we were so thankful for something new. And I think we overwhelmed that place. There were 6 buses of 50ish students and I don't think they knew quite what to do with us. Thankfully we called ahead :) And then there's Priscilla! My faithful, kind, giving, wonderful discipler. I can't get enough of her and am so blessed to have her as a mentor in my life. I'm in her wedding in August and can't wait! 
Chelsea is also an incredible sister I am blessed to know. We met/became good friends when we roomed together at Awaken last year. She was also my co-leader for the drama team. Finally, here are most of the girls that went on the trip. We gathered for a section party/reunion on Saturday night. It had only been about 12 hours but we were all going through withdrawals from not having seen each other. Goodness, this week was amazing. I am forever changed.

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Bailey Jean

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