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Singing My Song For You

I am truly baffled by the way music affects us. One song, one tune can evoke a dozen memories or transport you to a singular place in time. A place, moment or memory you might have forgotten, one that may be near and dear to your heart, or one that touches a tender place in your soul and can only be recalled with tears. All from a bit of music. Wow.

Today I am happy to say that my life is saturated with music. I listen to it when I wake up in the morning, it sings me to sleep at night, and music keeps me company as I drive to work, walk to class, clean in the theatre, and study my little heart out. Where would we be without music? I am not musically inclined, though I do wish I had kept up with my piano lessons, but over the years I have grown a great appreciation for music of all sorts. I know what I like and dislike and my iTunes is brimming with soundtracks, scores, indie albums, Christmas tunes, oldies, country, Christian, and the list could go on and on.

Music is one of my delights.

It's incredible the way words set to a melody, or a piece with no words at all, can set a mood with ease or give you a reference point for a multitude of memories. I have playlist upon playlist from months and events past and I the songs within them speak to particular places from my past. Just today I was overwhelmed during work as each song played and I was taken back.

My Girl by The Temptations; My very first boyfriend requested this song for me at the homecoming dance our freshman year of high school. I can see it so vividly. The green dress with black lace, glitter from mums and decorations everywhere, the DJ in the corner and my closest girl friends giggling nearby. We danced, he sang, and we made it official. We were no longer "just friends". Now, almost seven years later, he and I are back to being just friends. Good friends. He's one of my best. We go to the same university, have many close friends in common still, and have an easy going way around one another. I'd say things have never changed between us, but they have. And they only brought us to a better friendship.

One-Eyed Cat by Jenny & Tyler; It was summertime, peaceful, full of new discoveries and relaxation. This song was a comfort, a renewed realization of what I'm holding out for, of what I trust God has in my future. And an introduction to now one of my favorite bands. They got me through biology, psychology, and English, encouraged me forward in my search for a job, helped heal a wounded heart and stirred my faith to action. One song. About a one-eyed cat. Yes. Absolutely yes.

To Make You Feel My Love by Kris Allen; The rain was pouring and my poor little car was trudging through it, determined to get home. This song played on repeat the last half-hour of my venture to see my  parents last spring. I was sick, I was lonely, I was exhausted. I sang until my voice held no more notes. But I had hope. In the midst of, literally, the falling rain, I felt held. Cared for. Seen and noticed. My God  is a good and faithful Savior and He spoke into my life in the middle of my woes. Home never looked so good.

Please Come Home for Christmas by Aaron Neville; The Christmas season has always been a huge event in my family, a major bonding time for me and my mom. We sing, we decorate, we make hot chocolate and watch chick flicks. And we play Aaron Neville. The tree does not go up unless he is playing. Dad prefers the Hilary Duff Christmas album, but that doesn't quite do it for me. With Aaron Neville, I see a towering tree, glittering with gold and burgundy, shining lights around the nativity, three stockings over the fireplace full of cut crystal and candles. Cookies left out for Santa, spaghetti at Nanny and Pop's, and the smell of cinnamon. So much cinnamon. Last year, I was part of a post-modern production entitled "There's No Place Like Home". We were told to bring music and items that felt like home to us. Home for me was this song. And now it takes on a new meaning. The rush of coming on stage, sporting my favorite red sweater, a fragile ornament in hand. Stealing a glance across the stage at a friend, recalling a look and a history by simply exchanging a porcelain house. We would exit shortly thereafter, but this memory will not leave me with such ease.

Music, hm? Isn't it incredible? I could go on, and on, and on. As I'm sure you could. But right now, I'm content to marvel at it's power and magic while returning to the real world. My room needs conquering and my closets need some attention. Maybe Dave Barnes can help me out with that :)

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  1. totally agree. i find it amazing how songs even bring back memories. :) thank you for the beautiful post. music really is so powerful.