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It's Thursday, I'm in Love {with Directing}

As a Theatre Performance Major, I get to take two semesters of directing classes. In the fall I directed a scene from Maids of Honor by Joan Casademont. I had so much fun working with my cast and learning a lot about myself as a director. It was a great experience and at the end of it I was eagerly awaiting my next chance come spring. Below is my cast list & play synopsis (which I spent wayyy too much time on) for my first scene:
I was greatly inspired by all the wedding invitations and wedding programs I had found on Pinterest and, with as complicated of a story was Maids of Honor was, I thought it would be a fun way to get some of that out for both the cast and audience to know. Everyone loved it :) 

Above are Samantha and Henry, my Annie and Harry, both of whom I love very much and so enjoyed working with! Henry is a freshman and Sam a sophomore, two lovely underclassmen both eager to do their best work and a joy to have in rehearsal. There were so many fun times shared, laughs to be had, and discoveries made. I couldn't have done it without them.

For the spring semester of directing, we were instructed to choose a scene with 3 - 4 people. My roommate introduced me to the play Emma's Child and I immediately fell in love. It is about a couple who have been struggling to have children for 15 years and they finally decide to adopt. But the baby they think will be theirs is born with a major birth defect and they must decide what to do. It is heartbreaking and beautiful, and I knew I had to do it.

Below is my cast list for Emma's Child. I had all sorts of ideas in mind for it, but this was the final product. I kept with the scallops and blue-outlined cursive for the rest of my design presentation. Finding your name on a cast list on the call board is one of the most exciting feelings. Seeing your picture? I'm sure that was a strange but fun new addition to the sensation.

Isn't it fun? For directing, we were given two weeks to direct a 7 - 10 minute scene. (Mine actually ended up around 12 minutes, shhhhh!) We had access to props in the basement, the use of Theatre 11, and basic lighting. The floor of the stage was still painted with a hard wood finish and it worked perfectly for my scene! There were many challenges to be had in putting a doctor's office and a NICU onstage with no budget and hardly any time, but I'll say we made it work.

Me, Kevin, Hannah, and Micah just before workshop yesterday. They are some of the most talented and kind-hearted people! I had my dream team and I could not be more proud of them. They came together with such passion for the play and gave their best at each and every rehearsal. We played together, worked together, brainstormed and rallied against any problems. The end product was amazing. I truly adore these people.

I sent them off on spring break with a few inspiration images (below) for what I wanted their costumes to look like. They hit the nail on the head! I can't mention it enough, but Pinterest truly came to my rescue several times during preparation for this scene.

My cast was sitting next to me before the other scenes started and I looked over to find them all cuddled together like this. Aren't they precious? It was a great bonding experience for all of us, these three are even nearer and dearer to my heart than they had been before, and they are what made this experience so beautiful. They have been so encouraging of me and each other and I am blessed for knowing them.

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