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InstaYear 2012; I'm so far behind!

What a crazy week it's been! QUARTET WITH GRAND PIANO OPENED ON TUESDAY! And it's been an incredible run so far. This show has been the biggest blessing and the most fun, more than I could have imagined. I'll post a HUGE update with pictures from the show next week. For now, here is an Instagram Friday update. Enjoy :)

This past weekend we celebrated the beautiful Cameron's 21st birthday! We hung out by a backyard fire, encouraging her and singing worship songs, talking until 1:30am. Then Saturday after Quartet tech, a group of us drove to BJ's for a late dinner. It was wonderful. I was also spoiled for opening night with show gifts from my roommate Claire and my grand-big Danielle. So lovely. Lastly, Kelly just happened to come watch the show matching my costume perfectly. We decided if disaster struck she would be my understudy.

After the Academy Awards, Cameron and I headed to 3 Spoons for frozen yogurt. It is always wonderful to catch up with her, and chocolate with strawberries hit the spot.  My big in theatre Carissa also surprised me with a show gift full of floral things, since she knew it was my first time to receive flowers for a show. I've been enjoying finding new and old promises in the Word and this was one that really spoke to me this week. Psalm 33:20-22. Lastly, I posted my cast list! I am directing a scene from Emma's Child for my Beginning Directing class and I cannot wait to get started.

I truly adore these people. Nate, Cameron, Natalie, and Chelsea saw Quartet last night and it made my heart so happy to have such supportive friends! They are gifts! I loved hearing their feedback and catching their smiles in the audience during the show. They were front row, too, right where I end up for most of the show. It was too funny and hard not to look at them all the time. I am still so happy that they came!

That's all for now friends. I've a full day ahead.


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  2. The boyfriend and I hit up a semi-local frozen yogurt place the other day, it was so good! It was the first time I've had it and it was wonderful!

  3. hey bailey! i'm bailey, from texas as well, and a christian. great to meet another bailey, doesn't happen too often! anyway, i love your instagrams. good luck on directing the scene from emma's child!

    i recently started an instagram link party on my blog, and i still need some help getting it started. if you want, come by and check it out and maybe link up! thanks so much!