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InstaWeek; Home Sweet Home

What would I do without instagram? I love my Canon and have promised to start bringing it with me more often, but the beauty of the camera on my iphone, and the fantastic sharing app, is I have documented so much more! Here is just a glimpse into the past few days:
Last week was brimming with fun and memories to be made. The week started off with dress rehearsals and a performance of Emma's Child. I could not have asked for a better cast or a better time to be had in the process. We get our critiques on Tuesday so I am eager to hear what my peers and professors have to say. Hannah, Kevin, and Micah were fantastic to work with. We had a blast in rehearsals, enjoyed diving into the text-work of the play, and even had a few improv "couple's counseling" sessions. I could not have asked for a better time!
Saturday was the first BUT Theatre Major Take-A-Date. This time it was to the zoo! I did not get to go because I went home for the weekend to help with a garage sale, and for mom to use the camera, but the shirts are so fun! My Canon and I have a date for next weekend to take my sister's senior pictures (better late than never); I am mighty pleased about that.
Since our house is going up for sale this week, Mom set me to the task of going through my closet.  I found old pictures, a trunk full of corsages, playbills, notes from old boyfriends, journals, dolls, and too many other things to count. I also stumbled across my mums from freshman, sophomore, and senior year of high school. I don't care what any of my out-of-state friends say, I think mums are wonderful (though, yes, slightly ridiculous). And this weekend I was able to spend plenty of quality time with my main man Mitchell Douglas. Isn't he precious?

See? I just can't get enough of him. He is nine-years-old now, growing up so fast. He's big into Transformers, Pokemon, and video games. He was trying to teach me on the wii but I wasn't learning quick enough for him and he has deemed me a lost cause. We'll work on that this summer :)

Did you do anything special this weekend? Spend it with any special someone? 

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  1. Great photos! Fun to see a little peek into your life :) Good luck in selling the house! I think we'll be doing the same this year!