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Friday's Letters; Linking up at Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear Friday, thank you for finally arriving! You brought a smile to my face this morning. Dear Sleep, you and I need to spend more time together. I've been missing you quite terribly. Dear Hunger Games, I approve. I will be seeing you again in the next few days. Dear Spring, I am getting used to the idea of you. Only, I think you got your months confused; your April showers turned into March's flood earlier this week. That's okay, I forgive you. Dear Quartet, I am having withdrawls. I love you a bushel and a peck and I miss hearing that all art leads to light every night. Come back into my life? Dear Senior Year, stop sneaking up on me. I have six weeks left to enjoy junior year and you will simply have to wait your turn. Dear Mitchell-Man, I'm coming to see you soon! We have hours of transformers to play and Destroy, Build, Destroy to watch. Don't forget about your big sister. Dear Lifegroup, I am so excited to be part of you again! Brunch with my co-leaders tomorrow is much needed and I am thrilled for Sunday night.

 Dear Starbucks, it's always a treat to find the couch corner empty. Let's make this happen more often shall we? Dear Weekend, you are going to be full of much needed rest. And laundry. And homework. And cleaning. And... more rest. Please. Dear Anthro, it has been far too long since I've explored your shelves and sale room. We shall be united again next week. Dear Realtors, please get back to my parents about the house. I want to know when/if we are moving :) Dear God, thank you for your faithfulness. You carried me through this week.

Sincerely & with all my love,

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  1. What a cute blog you have! I'm with you on Anthro...it's been so long since I've been there. I love it so much, but it's so dangerous! I want it all!