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Blast from the Past

As I was making collages for InstaFriday, I stumbled upon a few from the end of last year. I shared them in my final posts on my former blog, and hate that they don't appear on this one. What could it hurt to share them again, right? :)

These are from BU Theatre's 2011 Winter Banquet. I was banquet chair and in charge of decorating the banquet hall with a budget of $50. We went branch hunting in the park, borrowed glass vases from props, made many a tissue paper pom and snowflake, and added Christmas lights from the attic back home and a trace of blue glitter. All for $35! We had a photobooth, desserts, hot chocolate and cider, as well as the announcement of next year's show season. These people mean the world to me, and I'm always up for the chance to dress up :)

This set is from the BUTheatre Student Society's trip to the Boys & Girls Club. We did Christmas crafts with the kids and played games with them. Claire was a pro at it and the rest of us had a blast as well. We felt like we were five years old again, all proud of our pipe-cleaner ornaments and hand-print angels. What a way to share some Christmas cheer!

Lastly, this set is from the Denman's annual Christmas party (have you caught the theme here?). They are two of my professors and we head over to their house for Christmas stories, dessert, and plenty of pictures each December. This year, as always, they have two gatherings; first the freshmen and sophomores, then the juniors and seniors. It was fun to be back with the upperclassmen and many a tradition was upheld (including two poor boys having to jump in the pool... such brave souls).

Again, not entirely sure why I felt the need to share these, but I couldn't simply tuck them away in a folder. They are some of my sweetest memories from last fall. Now I'm off to a marathon weekend of shows, two today and two tomorrow. 

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