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Be On the Look-Out; Back in the Saddle of DIY

Free time? What is this novelty of which you speak? The life of a theatre major hardly knows the term, but it has finally fallen into my hands! I am finished with rehearsals for the rest of the semester. Do you know what that means? It's time to DIY!

I've been scouting around finding projects, and here is what I've come up with. Ah, it is going to feel so good to be back at my crafting table! I have missed it so much.

When I go thrifting, one of the first things I look for is old embroidery hoops. I have twelve or so and have yet to put them to use. I am thinking of making a few to hang near my desk or by the door. Sounds quick, easy, and lovely to boot.

A little cork, a little paint, a little creativity and voila! Another simple project that is a must for the living room next year. And I just might have everything I need already, which is a plus!

Source: imgfave.com via Bailey on Pinterest

Who doesn't love a good chalkboard paint up-do? I have several things in mind tucked away in my closet, and all I need is the actual paint. Question though, which is best? The spray paint or the canned? I would guess the latter, but if anyone has experience please let me know!

I got a cute little yo-yo maker/template around Christmas and it has been sitting idle on my desk for weeks. But no more! Between garlands, pillows, and other crafting embellishments, I'm sure to find a good use for it. I will soon be a yo-yo queen.

Source: flickr.com via Bailey on Pinterest

Lastly, it's time to bring a little spring into the kitchen, and I think these will do just the trick. I love the bright yellow and how simple this can be. Simple but effective. I can't wait to get started.

What crafts are you planning this week?

It's Thursday, I'm in Love {with Directing}

As a Theatre Performance Major, I get to take two semesters of directing classes. In the fall I directed a scene from Maids of Honor by Joan Casademont. I had so much fun working with my cast and learning a lot about myself as a director. It was a great experience and at the end of it I was eagerly awaiting my next chance come spring. Below is my cast list & play synopsis (which I spent wayyy too much time on) for my first scene:
I was greatly inspired by all the wedding invitations and wedding programs I had found on Pinterest and, with as complicated of a story was Maids of Honor was, I thought it would be a fun way to get some of that out for both the cast and audience to know. Everyone loved it :) 

Above are Samantha and Henry, my Annie and Harry, both of whom I love very much and so enjoyed working with! Henry is a freshman and Sam a sophomore, two lovely underclassmen both eager to do their best work and a joy to have in rehearsal. There were so many fun times shared, laughs to be had, and discoveries made. I couldn't have done it without them.

For the spring semester of directing, we were instructed to choose a scene with 3 - 4 people. My roommate introduced me to the play Emma's Child and I immediately fell in love. It is about a couple who have been struggling to have children for 15 years and they finally decide to adopt. But the baby they think will be theirs is born with a major birth defect and they must decide what to do. It is heartbreaking and beautiful, and I knew I had to do it.

Below is my cast list for Emma's Child. I had all sorts of ideas in mind for it, but this was the final product. I kept with the scallops and blue-outlined cursive for the rest of my design presentation. Finding your name on a cast list on the call board is one of the most exciting feelings. Seeing your picture? I'm sure that was a strange but fun new addition to the sensation.

Isn't it fun? For directing, we were given two weeks to direct a 7 - 10 minute scene. (Mine actually ended up around 12 minutes, shhhhh!) We had access to props in the basement, the use of Theatre 11, and basic lighting. The floor of the stage was still painted with a hard wood finish and it worked perfectly for my scene! There were many challenges to be had in putting a doctor's office and a NICU onstage with no budget and hardly any time, but I'll say we made it work.

Me, Kevin, Hannah, and Micah just before workshop yesterday. They are some of the most talented and kind-hearted people! I had my dream team and I could not be more proud of them. They came together with such passion for the play and gave their best at each and every rehearsal. We played together, worked together, brainstormed and rallied against any problems. The end product was amazing. I truly adore these people.

I sent them off on spring break with a few inspiration images (below) for what I wanted their costumes to look like. They hit the nail on the head! I can't mention it enough, but Pinterest truly came to my rescue several times during preparation for this scene.

My cast was sitting next to me before the other scenes started and I looked over to find them all cuddled together like this. Aren't they precious? It was a great bonding experience for all of us, these three are even nearer and dearer to my heart than they had been before, and they are what made this experience so beautiful. They have been so encouraging of me and each other and I am blessed for knowing them.

March Madness: What I'm Loving Weekly

What a week it has been and it's not even over! Praise the Lord! I only have one class today --which I should probably head out for very shortly-- then it's a short time at work before I'm on the road headed home. I cannot wait to see my little brother and sister and simply relax. This weekend is also the Lifegroup leader's retreat; those people are some of the kindest, most encouraging, and most refreshing friends I have ever had. Spending Saturday at the lake with them is much-needed.

However, I'm bursting with things to share so here is this week's list of lovelies:

Terrariums! I'm not exactly a nature girl but I don't mind at all bringing a little of the outside in. I think these would be perfect for the living room by the door or along the window in the kitchen. This might just be my first project of the summer :)

In all the Hunger Games madness, I stumbled across this stylized shoot of Peeta and Katniss's wedding. It is STUNNING! The dresses are incredible, the details are spot on, and I could spend hours daydreaming about this. I highly encourage you to check it out.

I've been looking for some new, inexpensive ways to decorate the walls in the staircase of our new apartment and I believe this might just do the trick! We may not be able to paint but framing brightly colored handkerchiefs would add that wow factor and homey-ness we are looking for.

Yesterday was the release of my good friend Layne Lynch's first EP. She is incredible! Her songs can now be purchased on iTunes for $3.96 and you can find her on Spotify as well. Her heart is wide open in her music and she has a refreshing Regina Spektor-esque sound that I'm sure you will love. Help me spread the word!

Source: vogue.com via Bailey on Pinterest

I've been trying new things with my makeup this week and I must say I LOVE the way Adele's is done. So simple and natural but with enough Hollywood glamour that it really pops and draws your eye to it. She is certainly an inspiration in more ways than one.

Just a few of the things on my mind (and my Pinterest) this week. I could go on and on but maybe I should save some for later.

What are you loving this week?

My InstaWeek; Spring is in the Air

I can't believe spring break was more than a week ago. The last part of the semester is going to fly by! Last week was long and full, quite tiresome but worth it. I had a killer Masterworks test that left me without sleep as well as some late-night rehearsals for the scene I am directing. The final performance is tomorrow and I am hoping to have more pictures for you then :) It was interesting trying to get back into the swing of things post-Awaken, but 'twas a necessary evil.

Friday night was my first Friday off all semester, isn't that crazy? So what did I do? Road-tripped to Austin with Hannah and Claire of course. It has been a while since we've done something so spontaneous and the Three Musketeers needed to get out of town for a while. Hannah and I matched and I am so bummed we didn't get a picture. We were both in black and white striped shirts, skirts that buttoned down the front with a brown leather belt and ridiculous heels. It was too funny. Everything was closed by the time we got there, so we settled for dinner and coffee with a promise to return on Dia del Oso, our university's campus-wide holiday in April. I cannot wait!

Here are a few sneak peeks at my scene. Hannah, Micah, and Kevin are fabulous. Truly. I couldn't have asked for a better cast and they are putting in such hard work! I am thrilled for the department to see the scene tomorrow. We add lights and sound tonight so we will see how that goes.

Saturday night Claire and I had dinner with three of the freshmen girls and Grace at Cracker Barrel (always a favorite). Grace was highly amused by the bunny ears hat which flapped its ears and I think sang, too. Blythe and I realized our purses matched and of course had to document the event. Once we finished dinner, we reconvened at my apartment for home-made cookie cake and to watch The Devil Wears Prada. I love each of these girls dearly and it was a fantastic night.

There's a short update for you! Now off to finish a bit of homework before classes pick up. 

Singing My Song For You

I am truly baffled by the way music affects us. One song, one tune can evoke a dozen memories or transport you to a singular place in time. A place, moment or memory you might have forgotten, one that may be near and dear to your heart, or one that touches a tender place in your soul and can only be recalled with tears. All from a bit of music. Wow.

Today I am happy to say that my life is saturated with music. I listen to it when I wake up in the morning, it sings me to sleep at night, and music keeps me company as I drive to work, walk to class, clean in the theatre, and study my little heart out. Where would we be without music? I am not musically inclined, though I do wish I had kept up with my piano lessons, but over the years I have grown a great appreciation for music of all sorts. I know what I like and dislike and my iTunes is brimming with soundtracks, scores, indie albums, Christmas tunes, oldies, country, Christian, and the list could go on and on.

Music is one of my delights.

It's incredible the way words set to a melody, or a piece with no words at all, can set a mood with ease or give you a reference point for a multitude of memories. I have playlist upon playlist from months and events past and I the songs within them speak to particular places from my past. Just today I was overwhelmed during work as each song played and I was taken back.

My Girl by The Temptations; My very first boyfriend requested this song for me at the homecoming dance our freshman year of high school. I can see it so vividly. The green dress with black lace, glitter from mums and decorations everywhere, the DJ in the corner and my closest girl friends giggling nearby. We danced, he sang, and we made it official. We were no longer "just friends". Now, almost seven years later, he and I are back to being just friends. Good friends. He's one of my best. We go to the same university, have many close friends in common still, and have an easy going way around one another. I'd say things have never changed between us, but they have. And they only brought us to a better friendship.

One-Eyed Cat by Jenny & Tyler; It was summertime, peaceful, full of new discoveries and relaxation. This song was a comfort, a renewed realization of what I'm holding out for, of what I trust God has in my future. And an introduction to now one of my favorite bands. They got me through biology, psychology, and English, encouraged me forward in my search for a job, helped heal a wounded heart and stirred my faith to action. One song. About a one-eyed cat. Yes. Absolutely yes.

To Make You Feel My Love by Kris Allen; The rain was pouring and my poor little car was trudging through it, determined to get home. This song played on repeat the last half-hour of my venture to see my  parents last spring. I was sick, I was lonely, I was exhausted. I sang until my voice held no more notes. But I had hope. In the midst of, literally, the falling rain, I felt held. Cared for. Seen and noticed. My God  is a good and faithful Savior and He spoke into my life in the middle of my woes. Home never looked so good.

Please Come Home for Christmas by Aaron Neville; The Christmas season has always been a huge event in my family, a major bonding time for me and my mom. We sing, we decorate, we make hot chocolate and watch chick flicks. And we play Aaron Neville. The tree does not go up unless he is playing. Dad prefers the Hilary Duff Christmas album, but that doesn't quite do it for me. With Aaron Neville, I see a towering tree, glittering with gold and burgundy, shining lights around the nativity, three stockings over the fireplace full of cut crystal and candles. Cookies left out for Santa, spaghetti at Nanny and Pop's, and the smell of cinnamon. So much cinnamon. Last year, I was part of a post-modern production entitled "There's No Place Like Home". We were told to bring music and items that felt like home to us. Home for me was this song. And now it takes on a new meaning. The rush of coming on stage, sporting my favorite red sweater, a fragile ornament in hand. Stealing a glance across the stage at a friend, recalling a look and a history by simply exchanging a porcelain house. We would exit shortly thereafter, but this memory will not leave me with such ease.

Music, hm? Isn't it incredible? I could go on, and on, and on. As I'm sure you could. But right now, I'm content to marvel at it's power and magic while returning to the real world. My room needs conquering and my closets need some attention. Maybe Dave Barnes can help me out with that :)

bits of splendor monday

Seven Pretty Things on Sunday; Springtime

Spring is in the air! Yesterday was gorgeous and I'm finally starting to accept the fact that my boots, jeans, and scarves need to be tucked away until next year. What better way to welcome in the warm weather than with a little inspiration? Enjoy!

Teal and mustard? I'm in love with this pairing. And the use of the window to display the garland of pictures. I would love to have something like this by the front door next year. Goodwill, here I come.

Pink lemonade out of a mason jar with a brightly colored straw to top things off? Oh, yes please! Next month is full of bridal showers and events and I am certainly hoping to incorporate this. Or maybe just for myself. We shall see. Never the less, this screams spring.

Source: ivillage.com via Bailey on Pinterest

I LOVE this idea. Three brightly colored coordinating panels on one window. We have rather large windows in the living room of our new apartment for next year so I will definitely be passing this idea along to the girls. It's something I never would have thought of but could work so nicely!

Isn't her hair and make up stunning? This photo shoot is incredible, such a creative concept mastered beautifully. But it is the make up and hair that get me. I am feeling so inspired and hoping to try some of this in the near future.

More ideas for outdoor decor. I love the Christmas lights paired with the brightly colored ribbon as an overhang. It brings color, light, and whimsy to any backyard, porch, entryway, etc. I could even see it being used somewhere inside for a party or holiday. Hm, so many ideas...

Source: westelm.com via Bailey on Pinterest

We drove past the West Elm in Austin last night and were sorely disappointed that it was closed. But while I was pinteresting this morning I stumbled across these darling things and now I know I have to go back! Aren't they precious?

Source: bhg.com via Bailey on Pinterest

I'm loving this color scheme and all the patterns and textures found in this living room. My couches are an ugly black leather, but I'm hoping to spruce up the room with wall decor, bright pillows and throws, and colorful furniture. This is certainly being kept in mind.

And there you have it.

Friday's Letters; Linking up at Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear Friday, thank you for finally arriving! You brought a smile to my face this morning. Dear Sleep, you and I need to spend more time together. I've been missing you quite terribly. Dear Hunger Games, I approve. I will be seeing you again in the next few days. Dear Spring, I am getting used to the idea of you. Only, I think you got your months confused; your April showers turned into March's flood earlier this week. That's okay, I forgive you. Dear Quartet, I am having withdrawls. I love you a bushel and a peck and I miss hearing that all art leads to light every night. Come back into my life? Dear Senior Year, stop sneaking up on me. I have six weeks left to enjoy junior year and you will simply have to wait your turn. Dear Mitchell-Man, I'm coming to see you soon! We have hours of transformers to play and Destroy, Build, Destroy to watch. Don't forget about your big sister. Dear Lifegroup, I am so excited to be part of you again! Brunch with my co-leaders tomorrow is much needed and I am thrilled for Sunday night.

 Dear Starbucks, it's always a treat to find the couch corner empty. Let's make this happen more often shall we? Dear Weekend, you are going to be full of much needed rest. And laundry. And homework. And cleaning. And... more rest. Please. Dear Anthro, it has been far too long since I've explored your shelves and sale room. We shall be united again next week. Dear Realtors, please get back to my parents about the house. I want to know when/if we are moving :) Dear God, thank you for your faithfulness. You carried me through this week.

Sincerely & with all my love,

Wedding Whims; A Little Inspiration

It's getting to be that time of year again. Engagements, weddings, and the various showers begin to pop up and fill the spring season. I am NO WHERE near that season of my life, but I do get to be part of my good friend Priscilla's special day this August. April will be a marathon month for us (there are 14 bridesmaids including myself). I couldn't be more excited for her or to spend so much time with all these wonderful girls!

Cilla said yes to the dress last Saturday and we all oohed and ahhed appropriately when shown the pictures. She is going to be stunning! She hasn't decided on a dress for us yet, but that will come. Until then, I've been perusing Pinterest which is chock-full of ideas and inspiration for any bride-to-be... or for the over-eager bridesmaid :)

Source: ktmerry.com via Bailey on Pinterest

And there you have it! Just a few highlights from my board here.

Spring Break 2012: AWAKEN

Every year my church's college ministry goes on a mission trip over spring break to a city near the border. The trip is called Awaken and this was my second time to go. It was my first time to be a small team leader (sic'em drama team!) and to go as a lifegroup leader. God moved in such huge ways, it was incredible!

I had little to no down-time between Quartet and this trip, which made the start of it somewhat trying. The show closed Thursday night, Friday we packed our bags and kicked things off with a prayer rally, then boarded the bus at 7:30am Saturday morning. I have only just begun to process the amazing things God did in that city and in my heart, but let me tell you it was life changing!

This set are pictures from our first outreach. We went into one of the neighborhoods and set up home base in the driveway of a woman's trailer. We spent some time in worship and eating lunch, then divided into groups to pick up trash along the street. After an hour or so, we came back together to rest in what little shade we had before going back out into the neighborhood to invite people to watch our set. So many people came! 

The dance team performed, Jenna shared her testimony, then we did the drama {Life or Death} and Nate shared the gospel, Luis translating it into Spanish. 25 people gave their lives to Christ! Including 10-15 children! It was an incredible site to see. We stayed there almost 6 hours I think and it was like a Holy Spirit block party. We danced, played games, discipled, and really enjoyed our time there.  What an incredible first outreach!
The first picture here is of the little girl I held most of the night of that first outreach. She was so precious and nothing phased her at all. Next is our team picture with our section parents. We were Team Bring Him Back! I absolutely adore these people. We also had a series of baptisms our last night of the trip where 7 of our students were baptized, including 3 girls from my lifegroup! God is so good! Lastly, there is a shot of my lifegroup on the bus ride home. These people mean so much to me and it was fun to see what God did in our lives and what vision he's given us to come back and kick lifegroup off again.
We stopped for Chick-fil-a on the way home! Praise the Lord! After a week of Subway-style sandwiches we were so thankful for something new. And I think we overwhelmed that place. There were 6 buses of 50ish students and I don't think they knew quite what to do with us. Thankfully we called ahead :) And then there's Priscilla! My faithful, kind, giving, wonderful discipler. I can't get enough of her and am so blessed to have her as a mentor in my life. I'm in her wedding in August and can't wait! 
Chelsea is also an incredible sister I am blessed to know. We met/became good friends when we roomed together at Awaken last year. She was also my co-leader for the drama team. Finally, here are most of the girls that went on the trip. We gathered for a section party/reunion on Saturday night. It had only been about 12 hours but we were all going through withdrawals from not having seen each other. Goodness, this week was amazing. I am forever changed.

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Until next time,
Bailey Jean