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Organized Inspiration

I am a tidy person. I like everything to be in its place, nice and neat, and am content to put something back where I got it from. I do not know what came over me this week. My room is in disarray. It is never this terrible. And what am I doing instead of cleaning? Blogging of course. I am about to buckle down, rearrange and reorganize while I go. So what better way to be inspired (or to procrastinate) than to hit up Pinterest?

I am definitely thinking this crate and locker bin combination for over the dining room table next year. So cute and interesting. Does it do me any good right now? No, not really. But it is still fun to look at.

Source: flickr.com via Bailey on Pinterest

My books and crafting supplies need a little work, too. I love all the white here with the boxes and shelves themselves. I have a similar set up though not as well put together.

I LOVE the plain boxes with colorful tags. This is a must sometime soon. Not that I have room for it now, but still.

Source: google.com via Bailey on Pinterest

Wouldn't that be a dream? A far, far off dream. But there's no harm in admiring it, right?

There is harm though, in spending too much time on Pinterest and not enough cleaning. I'm off to be responsible. Enjoy the inspiration and I'll see you when it's all been sorted.

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  1. So adorable! I NEED to organize around here. Stopping over via the blog hop! So nice to meet you! New follower :)