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InstaYear 2012; Weeks 4 & 5

Today is a glorious day! My only class was cancelled and my sister is coming in for the weekend! Praise the Lord! It's sad that it has taken us two and a half years before we could find a weekend that was great for the both of us to get Shelby out here, but it has finally arrived! I am so excited. She finally gets to glimpse into my world. We're going dancing, seeing a few shows, and meeting up with a bunch of my friends from school and church. It shall be grand.

And here we are again, another two weeks full of Instagrams to share the fun. :) 

A gift from my dad... Do not be anxious about anything.

The first is a gift from my dad, a book titled Attack of the Theatre People. How fitting right? The second is a verse that has been an anthem for me over the past few weeks. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God,which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ." Philippians 4:6-7

Shooting a Poppa Rollo's commercial. "You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince."

I have now been in two commercials :) Freshman year I helped film one for Bush's Chicken and this time it was for a local pizza place, Papa Rollo's. There were about 20 theatre majors there, just hanging out, chatting, eating good pizza, and keeping it lively for the one-man camera crew. The second photo is of a frog prince coin bank that I brought for my story time during rehearsal. I'll share more on that process later.

Drawings of the Mabee found while cleaning out the Druid closet. Our new apartment. Can't wait to fix it up.

During crew, Grace and I cleaned out the Student Society Executive Council's closet and came across old programs, season posters, and drawings/building plans for the Hooper-Schaeffer. This is a photo of the Mabee with sketches of actors and a set. So cool! Next is a shot of the kitchen in my new apartment! The six of us will move in on the first of June and I can't wait to live with these wonderful ladies!

My Anthro dishes make meals so much happier. First Baris experience: huge food and a drink poured down my back.

I just adore my dishes from Anthropologie. Really, they make meals so much happier. And this is Chelsea. We went to Baris with a friend's family and had a great time. Her food was huge and of course she pretended it was a phone or a seashell when it first arrived. The waitress spilled a glass of water down my back, so that kept things interesting, but otherwise the night was wonderful.

Journaling is good for the soul. The piano has finally arrived! #quartetwithgrandpiano

This is my journal. It is full of graph paper (a new sensation for me) and was an obnoxiously bright red on the outside. So what did I do? I collaged an Anthropologie catalogue to make a new cover, of course. Many of my mornings are spent writing in this gem and it is full of prayers, hopes, sketches, tears, and much more. We finally added the piano to rehearsals! The opera had it for their show but now it is all ours! We have been blocking around a cardboard one for the last few weeks, which has been difficult but manageable. With this black beauty, we were really able to choreograph our movements with it and see the true shape of the show.

It's opening night of Jekyll and Hyde! We love Carissa!

I love these ladies dearly! [Me, Carissa, Hannah, Rachel]  Jekyll & Hyde opened this week and Rachel surprised Carissa with flowers. The three girls are roommates and some of my dearest friends. Hannah's one of my best friends from freshman year, Carissa is my BIG in theatre, and Rachel and I are in Quartet together and also sit next to each other in Masterworks and Contemporary Plays. I just adore this picture!

Just another day in the cave of wonders. #itsaproptartlife I adore my Druid family.

I am a Proptart. Isn't that fun to say? Monday - Thursday from 2-5 you will find me in the "Cave of Wonders" otherwise known as the props basement, cleaning, organizing, and checking out furniture and random items as needed. It is actually pretty fun. And finally, the Druid Christmas card still sits on my desk, and it makes me smile every time I see it. These people are so dedicated, talented, and fabulous, I just can't get over it!

And there you have it! More next week. Off to spend some quality time at the theatre and with my sister. See you all on Monday!

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  1. Attack of the Theatre People!? That sounds like a book I may have to try and get my hands on! :D
    Also, I love Proptart. Yes, that definitely is very awesome.