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Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! It has been a marathon few days around here, but oh so wonderful. And today is Valentine's Day!  I'm usually not one to be super thrilled about it, but this year I don't mind. It's fun to see people take extra special measures to show love for one another. My day's been going for a while with EMP (I love ACC's college ministry!) and breakfast at Chick-fil-a. I figured I could treat myself since it is a holiday and all.  Much to my surprise, the chicken biscuit was in the shape of a heart. Too funny!

AND! I participated in Cotton Lane's Valentine's Gift Swap. The super sweet and giving Abigail from www.abiandandy.com/ sent me the sweetest note, some candy, and a CAMERA STRAP COVER! It is black and white damask with an adorable green polkadot ruffle. I've been searching for the perfect cover for so long and trying to budget to order one, but she made one for me! Thank you so much! Isn't it pretty?

But what about this weekend? It's quite important, too! It all started on Saturday when the girls from my Lifegroup came over for a crafting/studying day. We piled in the living room and ate Disney Valentine's cookies, made various crafts and studied our hearts out. Of course, that's not all we were doing. Every girl there but one was in on the scheme: distracting Priscilla. And we were good at it :)

We kept her busy and entertained, watching You've Got Mail and Leap Year, including a Sonic Happy Hour run and a surprise visit by some friends on a scavenger hunt, and I am so proud of how well those girls kept their cool. I was bursting at the seams, but we couldn't clue her in on what was really going on.

When 4:00 rolled around, she said goodbye to go get ready for her date and we all wished her well and promised to see her the next morning at church. Once she was out the door and we were sure she couldn't hear, we squealed and laughed and erupted in excitement. She was about to GET ENGAGED!

{photo credit to the beautiful Emily W.}

Our entire section plus some headed over to the Wibles to see the newly engaged couple, eager to hear their story and encourage them. I really cannot describe how overwhelmingly beautiful it was to see so many people coming together to celebrate Jordan and Priscilla, offering prayer, wisdom, and well wishes on such a big night in their lives. The wedding is in August and I cannot wait to see it!

{again, credit to Emily W!}

Sunday was similar, seeing them at church then getting to spend time with friends from our section and others at lunch. I am so blessed by the community I have found. We had Lifegroup in the evening and spend the entire time worshipping and encouraging each other. I was blown away by the love and care they showed and continuously show for one another and how filling it is to be able to lift one another up and call out great things in them and their future. 

Yesterday however was your typical Monday, with work, classes, more work, and our girls group. Instead of the usual life updates, Priscilla surprised us by taking us on a field trip. We went to Starbucks for hot chocolate and coffee then it was off to Barnes & Noble for an hour and a half of wedding inspiration for the bride-to-be. We had an absolute blast! Those girls are so dear to my heart!

Isn't she precious? Really, Cilla, you are going to be a STUNNING bride and I am so excited for you and Jordan! Such an inspiration and a blessing to all you know.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine's Day but doesn't forget that we don't need one day a year to show people how much they mean to us. Share the love all day every day! Remember: We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19.


  1. Love that camera strap! So pretty!

    And what a sweet engagement story. Definitely a time to celebrate love :)

  2. So glad you like and can use the camera strap cover! Don't worry about not getting to mailing mine - sounds like you have been really busy and its not a big deal to me. Just will be fun whenever! Sounds like you had a great time with your friends and so fun to help out with engagements. Happy Valentine's day.

  3. Love the camera strap cover!! So cute!!! Thanks for joining in the fun!

  4. love the camera strap you received in the swap!!

    thanks for participating in the swap! we loved having you!!