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Almost Anthro; Get the Designer Look on a Dime

I love, love, love, love, (can't say it enough) love Anthropologie. Of course, when I say that I really mean I love to browse Anthropologie, be full of ideas and inspiration, purchase one or two knick knacks or kitchen oddities, then go about my business. Anthro is gorgeous but it comes with a hefty price tag. This college girl's wallet can't handle the beauty just yet. But the thing about Anthro is I always leave with a "I could make something similar" mind set. Though do I? Rarely.

I am determined though to put some of these ideas into action. Especially as I'll be moving in June and will have a fresh clean canvas of a new room to start with. Not sure what my budget will be yet, but it won't be much. Here are a few of the ideas I am toying with:

I love the colors and the movement this lampshade has. I have a few Goodwill finds that need some sprucing up, and my floor lamp could use a new hat as well. This is certainly a do-able option.

This shower curtain is divine! Just stunning! I love the colors and the shades as they change, and this is could totally be DIY-ed. Just might take a little experimenting with the color. Did I mention I get my own bathroom, too? Isn't that fun?

Another lampshade? Yes, of course. I have several lamps that need a make over. This might do best in the bedroom and the one above might work for the living room. Either way I've found a great tutorial to make this happen.

Source: craftster.org via Erin on Pinterest

And I think this is, perhaps, my favorite of all. I found a tutorial for this duvet cover last year and promised myself that I would make it over the summer. Let's take a wild --and correct-- guess that it didn't happen. This summer though! You just wait and see.

Are you feeling inspired? I certainly am. Time to break out the sewing machine.

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