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Almost Anthro; Get the Designer Look on a Dime

I love, love, love, love, (can't say it enough) love Anthropologie. Of course, when I say that I really mean I love to browse Anthropologie, be full of ideas and inspiration, purchase one or two knick knacks or kitchen oddities, then go about my business. Anthro is gorgeous but it comes with a hefty price tag. This college girl's wallet can't handle the beauty just yet. But the thing about Anthro is I always leave with a "I could make something similar" mind set. Though do I? Rarely.

I am determined though to put some of these ideas into action. Especially as I'll be moving in June and will have a fresh clean canvas of a new room to start with. Not sure what my budget will be yet, but it won't be much. Here are a few of the ideas I am toying with:

I love the colors and the movement this lampshade has. I have a few Goodwill finds that need some sprucing up, and my floor lamp could use a new hat as well. This is certainly a do-able option.

This shower curtain is divine! Just stunning! I love the colors and the shades as they change, and this is could totally be DIY-ed. Just might take a little experimenting with the color. Did I mention I get my own bathroom, too? Isn't that fun?

Another lampshade? Yes, of course. I have several lamps that need a make over. This might do best in the bedroom and the one above might work for the living room. Either way I've found a great tutorial to make this happen.

Source: craftster.org via Erin on Pinterest

And I think this is, perhaps, my favorite of all. I found a tutorial for this duvet cover last year and promised myself that I would make it over the summer. Let's take a wild --and correct-- guess that it didn't happen. This summer though! You just wait and see.

Are you feeling inspired? I certainly am. Time to break out the sewing machine.

The Countdown Begins; One Week Until Quartet!

The time has flown by! It feels like auditions were only yesterday, the cast list was e-mailed out this morning, and we were all eagerly awaiting the read through/pizza party. It's been little over a month since we started working on Quartet with Grand Piano and our first show is one week from today! Crazy, huh?

This process has been unlike anything I have ever experienced, and unlike anything I imagined it would be. The people are fabulous, the scripts are incredible, the direction is brilliant, and the memories are priceless. I have been so blessed.

More later. I should probably head off to class. But enjoy the sneak peek!

Organized Inspiration

I am a tidy person. I like everything to be in its place, nice and neat, and am content to put something back where I got it from. I do not know what came over me this week. My room is in disarray. It is never this terrible. And what am I doing instead of cleaning? Blogging of course. I am about to buckle down, rearrange and reorganize while I go. So what better way to be inspired (or to procrastinate) than to hit up Pinterest?

I am definitely thinking this crate and locker bin combination for over the dining room table next year. So cute and interesting. Does it do me any good right now? No, not really. But it is still fun to look at.

Source: flickr.com via Bailey on Pinterest

My books and crafting supplies need a little work, too. I love all the white here with the boxes and shelves themselves. I have a similar set up though not as well put together.

I LOVE the plain boxes with colorful tags. This is a must sometime soon. Not that I have room for it now, but still.

Source: google.com via Bailey on Pinterest

Wouldn't that be a dream? A far, far off dream. But there's no harm in admiring it, right?

There is harm though, in spending too much time on Pinterest and not enough cleaning. I'm off to be responsible. Enjoy the inspiration and I'll see you when it's all been sorted.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! It has been a marathon few days around here, but oh so wonderful. And today is Valentine's Day!  I'm usually not one to be super thrilled about it, but this year I don't mind. It's fun to see people take extra special measures to show love for one another. My day's been going for a while with EMP (I love ACC's college ministry!) and breakfast at Chick-fil-a. I figured I could treat myself since it is a holiday and all.  Much to my surprise, the chicken biscuit was in the shape of a heart. Too funny!

AND! I participated in Cotton Lane's Valentine's Gift Swap. The super sweet and giving Abigail from www.abiandandy.com/ sent me the sweetest note, some candy, and a CAMERA STRAP COVER! It is black and white damask with an adorable green polkadot ruffle. I've been searching for the perfect cover for so long and trying to budget to order one, but she made one for me! Thank you so much! Isn't it pretty?

But what about this weekend? It's quite important, too! It all started on Saturday when the girls from my Lifegroup came over for a crafting/studying day. We piled in the living room and ate Disney Valentine's cookies, made various crafts and studied our hearts out. Of course, that's not all we were doing. Every girl there but one was in on the scheme: distracting Priscilla. And we were good at it :)

We kept her busy and entertained, watching You've Got Mail and Leap Year, including a Sonic Happy Hour run and a surprise visit by some friends on a scavenger hunt, and I am so proud of how well those girls kept their cool. I was bursting at the seams, but we couldn't clue her in on what was really going on.

When 4:00 rolled around, she said goodbye to go get ready for her date and we all wished her well and promised to see her the next morning at church. Once she was out the door and we were sure she couldn't hear, we squealed and laughed and erupted in excitement. She was about to GET ENGAGED!

{photo credit to the beautiful Emily W.}

Our entire section plus some headed over to the Wibles to see the newly engaged couple, eager to hear their story and encourage them. I really cannot describe how overwhelmingly beautiful it was to see so many people coming together to celebrate Jordan and Priscilla, offering prayer, wisdom, and well wishes on such a big night in their lives. The wedding is in August and I cannot wait to see it!

{again, credit to Emily W!}

Sunday was similar, seeing them at church then getting to spend time with friends from our section and others at lunch. I am so blessed by the community I have found. We had Lifegroup in the evening and spend the entire time worshipping and encouraging each other. I was blown away by the love and care they showed and continuously show for one another and how filling it is to be able to lift one another up and call out great things in them and their future. 

Yesterday however was your typical Monday, with work, classes, more work, and our girls group. Instead of the usual life updates, Priscilla surprised us by taking us on a field trip. We went to Starbucks for hot chocolate and coffee then it was off to Barnes & Noble for an hour and a half of wedding inspiration for the bride-to-be. We had an absolute blast! Those girls are so dear to my heart!

Isn't she precious? Really, Cilla, you are going to be a STUNNING bride and I am so excited for you and Jordan! Such an inspiration and a blessing to all you know.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine's Day but doesn't forget that we don't need one day a year to show people how much they mean to us. Share the love all day every day! Remember: We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

In Quartet, two of the girls sing "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" from Cinderella. It makes my night every time. I am a disney princess at heart, through and through, and was given the wonderful gift of going to Disney World with my mom and brother this past Christmas break. We saw several shows, enjoyed the parks, and had a wonderful time!

One of my favorite trinkets from the trip was this etched glass keychain with the Magic Kingdom castle inside it. It had many admirers but I am sad to say it has seen the last of its days. I was at Walmart with my sister yesterday when I dropped my keys on the way out the door. The corners of it broke off, but for the most part it was still in tact. Then today, coming in from church, I dropped them again and the last of it shattered. I was really bummed.

No more crystal castle for me. But thankfully I don't need a keychain to keep my memories in tact. I have many a picture to help me in that case.

I was in a remembering sort of mood tonight. Needing a bit of Disney magic to inspire me for the week.

InstaYear 2012; Weeks 4 & 5

Today is a glorious day! My only class was cancelled and my sister is coming in for the weekend! Praise the Lord! It's sad that it has taken us two and a half years before we could find a weekend that was great for the both of us to get Shelby out here, but it has finally arrived! I am so excited. She finally gets to glimpse into my world. We're going dancing, seeing a few shows, and meeting up with a bunch of my friends from school and church. It shall be grand.

And here we are again, another two weeks full of Instagrams to share the fun. :) 

A gift from my dad... Do not be anxious about anything.

The first is a gift from my dad, a book titled Attack of the Theatre People. How fitting right? The second is a verse that has been an anthem for me over the past few weeks. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God,which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ." Philippians 4:6-7

Shooting a Poppa Rollo's commercial. "You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince."

I have now been in two commercials :) Freshman year I helped film one for Bush's Chicken and this time it was for a local pizza place, Papa Rollo's. There were about 20 theatre majors there, just hanging out, chatting, eating good pizza, and keeping it lively for the one-man camera crew. The second photo is of a frog prince coin bank that I brought for my story time during rehearsal. I'll share more on that process later.

Drawings of the Mabee found while cleaning out the Druid closet. Our new apartment. Can't wait to fix it up.

During crew, Grace and I cleaned out the Student Society Executive Council's closet and came across old programs, season posters, and drawings/building plans for the Hooper-Schaeffer. This is a photo of the Mabee with sketches of actors and a set. So cool! Next is a shot of the kitchen in my new apartment! The six of us will move in on the first of June and I can't wait to live with these wonderful ladies!

My Anthro dishes make meals so much happier. First Baris experience: huge food and a drink poured down my back.

I just adore my dishes from Anthropologie. Really, they make meals so much happier. And this is Chelsea. We went to Baris with a friend's family and had a great time. Her food was huge and of course she pretended it was a phone or a seashell when it first arrived. The waitress spilled a glass of water down my back, so that kept things interesting, but otherwise the night was wonderful.

Journaling is good for the soul. The piano has finally arrived! #quartetwithgrandpiano

This is my journal. It is full of graph paper (a new sensation for me) and was an obnoxiously bright red on the outside. So what did I do? I collaged an Anthropologie catalogue to make a new cover, of course. Many of my mornings are spent writing in this gem and it is full of prayers, hopes, sketches, tears, and much more. We finally added the piano to rehearsals! The opera had it for their show but now it is all ours! We have been blocking around a cardboard one for the last few weeks, which has been difficult but manageable. With this black beauty, we were really able to choreograph our movements with it and see the true shape of the show.

It's opening night of Jekyll and Hyde! We love Carissa!

I love these ladies dearly! [Me, Carissa, Hannah, Rachel]  Jekyll & Hyde opened this week and Rachel surprised Carissa with flowers. The three girls are roommates and some of my dearest friends. Hannah's one of my best friends from freshman year, Carissa is my BIG in theatre, and Rachel and I are in Quartet together and also sit next to each other in Masterworks and Contemporary Plays. I just adore this picture!

Just another day in the cave of wonders. #itsaproptartlife I adore my Druid family.

I am a Proptart. Isn't that fun to say? Monday - Thursday from 2-5 you will find me in the "Cave of Wonders" otherwise known as the props basement, cleaning, organizing, and checking out furniture and random items as needed. It is actually pretty fun. And finally, the Druid Christmas card still sits on my desk, and it makes me smile every time I see it. These people are so dedicated, talented, and fabulous, I just can't get over it!

And there you have it! More next week. Off to spend some quality time at the theatre and with my sister. See you all on Monday!