A Pinteresting Wednesday

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Pinterest is the latest craze. And I have happily jumped on board. Literally. I was a tumblr girl for a few solid years and enjoyed blogging and reblogging interesting pictures, crafts, quotes and the like. It was mostly for my own pleasure and to save a few favorite ideas for decorating or crafting, but it pales in comparison to Pinterest. At least in that manner.

The organizer in me loves Pinterest because you can save your pins (pictures, quotes, posts, etc.) to specific boards (pages) and organize them. I have around 30 boards ranging from kitchen designs to storage ideas, recipes to DIY links, photography to fashion, and many more. Most recently I created a board to gather ideas for BU Theatre's Winter Banquet (of which I was chair and had a $50 budget). It saved me loads of time and provided so many ideas that my committee pulled off wonderfully.

I highly, highly, highly suggest Pinterest. You can use it for anything. Signing up takes a while unless you receive an invite from someone who already has one. Feel free to ask for one, I'd be happy to help you on your way! Just a warning, it's quite addicting. Be prepared :)

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