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Journaling Through January; "Currently's"

I am currently...

Listening to: Anchored in Love by Jenny & Tyler.
Wearing: BU sweatpants, a PINK sweatshirt, plum tanktop.
Thinking about: everything that needs to be done today.
Looking forward to: dancing at Wild West tonight with friends.
Reading: Spiritual Leadership, RED, The Hunger Games.
Planning: for our LG girls' house next year!
Thankful for: the cast, crew, and rehearsal process of Quartet with Grand Piano.
Feeling: tired but content.
Needing: more sleep and motivation to clean.
Wishing for: exciting adventures this year.
Praying: that I'll continue to enjoy the "today" and not wish it away for tomorrow.
Enjoying: spending a Saturday at home cleaning, writing, and crafting.
Discovering: more and more how blessed I am!
Dreaming: of waltzing to Smile; after rehearsals it sticks with me even in sleep.

Along For the Ride

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