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InstaYear 2012

Instagram was the first app I downloaded when I opened my iPhone. As the former owner of an android phone, I'll admit I was jealous of my apple-owning friends for this nifty photo filter and photostreaming application.  It's simple, easy to use, and you're just a few clicks away from sharing vintage-looking photos with your followers and friends. Now, I'm not one that takes dozens of pictures with it every day --and there are many that do, believe me, I follow some--  but I use it on occasion and it's pretty fun.

In order to try to get myself to take more pictures every day, I've started a project called InstaYear 2012. One Instagram uploaded per day to capture what my day held. Six days in and here we are:

New Year's Eve at Cowboys Dancehall. Excited for new beginnings this year.

January 1: All of our boots from bringing in the New Year at Cowboy's Dancehall. (Seth's, mine, Carissa's, Kelly's, and Justin's).
January 2: This is the cover of a new notebook. Just a reminder that every day is a new day for the taking.

My grandmother's dolls. I miss her dearly. Disney movie marathons always help me clean.

January 3: Cleaning my desk, I found Grammy's  dolls. My favorite to play with when we visited. It's been almost 3 years since she passed.
January 4: Still cleaning. And with cleaning always comes a Disney movie marathon. Sleeping Beauty is a must.

Finding memories as I clean. Happy birthday to me. The closet door reminder. The most important accessories to put on every day.

January 5: More cleaning? You guessed it. This is a collage from my 6th birthday party. Still love me some sequins and glitter.
January 6: I have this hung on the door of my closet. I good reminder when I'm stressing over what to wear that the clothes are not what's important.

All for now. You'll see more next week.
Until next time,
Bailey Jean

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