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Count Your Many Blessings

Saying that I am wonderfully and truly blessed could not begin to describe how I am feeling at this moment. I am completely blown away by God's goodness. Every moment of every day, no matter what. 100% unconditional, selfless love. Wow. Just... wow.

Really, I could rave for days, but this day in particular has got me thinking. I started reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts this morning and I'm already hooked, compiling a list of my own. She writes about how ingratitude was rooted in the fall of man and how joy is to be found in all situations, if we only look. We have so much to be thankful for! And we were made for a life of intimacy with Christ, and what better way to honor him than to sing his praises for how he has blessed us!

I'll keep you updated on the reading with a review once it's finished. But for now, here are a few of the things on my list:

-the smell of cinnamon vanilla candles
-Starbucks' Christmas cups
-rainy days under a favorite umbrella
-Quartet with Grand Piano
-my wonderful theatre department
-being only 1.5 hours away from home
-the first spoonful of peanut butter in a new jar
-having entire conversations without words, and the knowing smile that follows
-the gift of faithful, compassionate mentors
-my sweet brother's big brown eyes
-the moment before the curtain opens and the show begins
-knowing all the words to Beauty & the Beast
-bright yellow flowers
-baking adventures with my roommate

And the list goes on and on.

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