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Beautiful Bedrooms; Inspiration with Gussy Sews

On my previous blog, one of my favorite weekly events was the link up at Gussy Sews. Every Thursday blogs would all post on her page with posts full of colorful, inspiring pictures of whatever the topic was. This week's them is {BEDROOM}.

I have been blessed with having my own room for the past two years. Our apartment is small but this space is entirely mine. It is packed to the brim with books, pillows, pictures, and the like. Next year, however, I will be most likely sharing a room with my dear friend Alyssa, so some of these things will have to go. Pinterest, as you know, is one of my favorite pastimes, and I have collected quite the assortment of inspiring images for bedrooms in the present and beyond.

Here is my favorite. I adore all of these colors, especially the coral dresser.
So many patterns done so well!

This tufted headboard is gorgeous! And I love the bold painting above it.
Patterned curtains make an interesting addition offsetting the white beautifully.

More bright colors mixed with white. The yellow is divine, paired with green and navy quite nicely.
And I really enjoy the garland hanging over the headboard.

I love the headboard in this one too and the grey chevron pillow.
The second is a must next year, I believe! Again, primarily white, but still stunning.

So there you have it. This week at Gussy Sews. Until next time,
Bailey Jean

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