Saturday, December 29, 2012

Undaunted; Beginning a Journey with Christine Caine

Undaunted. The word itself holds power. It defies anything that seeks to stop it and is a roadblock to fear. Undaunted. This is the title of a book by Christine Caine, a passionate Australian woman who is right in the middle of the fight to end sex trafficking. In the book's intro, Max Lucado describes her as a Mary, Paul, and Esther of our time, combined into one. I completely agree.

Christine spoke at a missions conference hosted by my church two years ago, and again this year they showed a recorded interview with the feiry woman. Every word that escapes her lips was full of strength and deeply rooted in Christ's word and desires for our lives. She sees the heart of God and is able to communicate it to the masses unlike many I've encountered. But from beginning this book I can already tell that she takes that fire and passion and pours it out in gentleness and comfort to the girls rescued from the slave trade but still trapped in the darkness of their pasts.

I return to the word undaunted. I want to be undaunted. In life I find myself worried about the thoughts of others, of what my words or actions will seem to mean to the people I come across (from the waiter at a restaurant, my friends in class, or my parents at home). I filter, I sit quiet, or I agree with the majority even when my heart says something else. Why? Because it is a daunting task in this day and age to stand firm in an identity and opinion that differs from those around you.

But I should be undaunted. I have reason to be undaunted. For my God reigns on high. My God has come and conquered death, the thing many people fear most, and He rose again to proclaim that there is freedom and security for every sinner. And believe me, I'm no saint.

I've only just begun diving into Undaunted and you will most likely hear about it another time or two. If you pick it up, do let me know! I'd love to chat with you about it! But for now I'll leave you with this. My kindle app is calling my name.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Third Time's the Charm {Instagram Grand Finale.. For Now}

I know you've waited anxiously for the final installment of my life lately via Instagram (...or maybe not because there is such a thing as Instagram to follow along...) and here you have it! The week is coming to an end and Christmas is only a few short days away! My little brother has been a diligent advent calendar keeper-upper-with (how's that for English?) and knows at all times exactly how long it is until Christmas. Before we know it he will be counting down to his birthday. More transformers! The more the merrier! And here's a last look at what I've been up to. Enjoy once more!

1. This happens almost every night I'm home. Mom, Dad, Mitchell and I gather around the living room to watch Arthur Christmas. I always vote for How to Train Your Dragon but Mitchell-man wins every time. This movie is now a Christmas classic for us and I love watching the little guy become so enraptured by it all. The magic seems to exude from this picture. Isn't he precious? And that's my dad. He's great, too :)

2.  I found this quote in a similar fashion on Tumblr (my guilty pleasure...). "Your beauty should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight." 1 Peter 5:3-4

3. I've driven by Ross Antique Mall countless times on the road between Baylor and my hometown. Somehow I always miss the exit or I've been in too much of a hurry to stop. But this week I finally did! It's a cute place, full of booths of vendors and antiques, plenty to look at but mostly over priced. One day when I'm not broke I think I'll go back. There was a set of red goblets and a cake plate I'm dying to get my hands on!

4. Jesus Calling is a small devotional that is part of my morning routine and I highly recommend it! It is a simply but beautifully put guide into His Presence with verses to look up and springboard off of each day. It was such a great find and it's available in so many places, so treat yourself to a Christmas gift and buy one if you don't already have it! It's so worth it!

5. I adore this little man more than you know. Mitchell is my nine-year-old brother who loves all things transformers, ninjago (ninja legos), and Cartoon Network (I'm more of a Disney Channel girl myself, but it's what he likes...). He is one of the sweetest, most tender-hearted, good-natured kids you will ever meet. Mitch brings my heart so much joy and adds a sweetness to life that can't be found elsewhere! Isn't he a cutie?

6. Last Saturday, my family took a trip to the Gaylord Texan for their ice sculpture exhibit/experience. This year's theme was Madagascar. I'm not a huge fan of the movie or of 12degree temperatures, but we had a really good time! The wait wasn't long and we even did some sledding/tubing and slid down some ice slides before warming up with hot chocolate. If there's a Gaylord Ice near you, go for it!

7, 8, and 9. The fun did not stop at the Gaylord. Fair Park is hosting a Chinese Lantern Festival which was stunning! It was only a 30 minute walk through but the creations are beautiful and full of whimsy. Plus there was a HUGE dragon probably over 50 feet long made out of porcelain plates, spoons, and teacups! Talk about impressive! A beautiful, beautiful night for sure.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Instagram All the Things! {Life Lately #2}

Instagram is a beautiful thing. But it doesn't stop there. VSCOcam, Afterglow, Squaready, Picfx, more and more and more! I love the filters provided by instagram but there are many-an-app out there to add to the fun. The above are a few of my favorites :)  And now on to Life Lately Via Instagram, Part II. Enjoy!

1. Kevin! This guy is one of my favorites! Here we are sporting smiles at the Denmans' annual Christmas party. Wassail for all, plenty of puppy chow, and Christmas story-telling by the fire are only a few of the things that make this night highly anticipated each year. Gotta love it! 

2. With six girls living in the same house, rarely are we all together. However we did manage to have a Roomie Dinner and Secret Santa exchange. It turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself.

3. Back to the Denmans' we go! Claire, Hannah, and I had the privilege of being willed three tacky Christmas outfits to be worn to this party each year. Mine consists of a very scratchy, ugly sweater with a "Seasons Greetings" Walmart t-shirt. Claire has the red fleece and Hannah the holly covered scrub top. She of course makes it look just fine by adding a red blazer, but we made her ditch it for the pictures. These three gems will be passed on to three lucky ladies at the end of the year!

4. Oh goodness. The Winter Theatre Banquet is always a festive affair. This year I was in charge of the photobooth. Mix together three Christmas trees from Goodwill, fishing line, snowflakes from dollar tree, and a bunch of twinkle lights and TA-DA! And naturally I found a table from the banquet hall kitchen to stand on to hang them all. Duh.

5. A favorite quote as of late: "Don't waste time looking for your style. The truth is you already have it. You may just need to create more in order to see it."

6. Last week I took a day trip to Austin for an interview (more on that later!) and on the way home I stopped at a few thrift shops. I have several projects in mind for these beauties. Pepper grinders, vintage gloves, a pretty blue glass, and a painting that looks as though the Dawn Treader could appear any second (Chronicles of Narnia, anyone?). I'm excited to get started and I will keep you posted about the other ;)

7. Christmas parties galore, I tell ya. The Three Musketeers (our self-pronounced nickname since freshman year) got all spiffied up for the senior theatre party. We had Secret Santa --John got me such a nice blue scarf!-- and plenty of good food. But with our busy schedules the whole group of us split ASAP. No offense taken, it was finals week after all.

8. Cameron is not allowed to leave. This beautiful friend graduated last weekend and I had the honor of taking her grad pictures! She is such a treasure! Cameron has a heart of gold, an infectious laugh, and I trust her with everything. She values me and encourages me and I always leave spending time with her feeling positively refreshed. I can't wait to camp out on your couch in Austin next semester! (I'll tell you all why oh-so-soon, I promise!)

9. Lastly, we venture back to the Winter Theatre Banquet. These gorgeous girls are part of my BUTheatre Family! Jennifer sparkles in both that dress and in real life. My Little is hilarious and SO talented! I adore her! And Devin is my Grand-Little, a freshmen. She brings me so much joy! She now has fiery red hair and she is so on fire for the Lord! I learn so much every time I hang out with her.

I hope you enjoyed Part II! Be on the look out for Part III coming ASAP.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life Lately Via Instagram {One of Three}

Life lately's been crazy. But isn't it always? As much as I wanted to I did not make a huge effort to lug my Canon around with me in the craziness. Oh, it made an appearance or two, but my iPhone and Instagram were front and center. It's just easier. So on that note, welcome to the first on my crazyhecticexcitingentertainingtopsyturvy life lately :)

1. A lesson I've been learning lately is patience and understanding and trusting in God's best for me. This is a quote I came across in one of my old journals. "Ladies, let the men be men of courage. Just as Christ initiated the great awakening with His people, just as He pursued His Bride, just as He loved us first, so shall it be with the men of God. Allow them to initiate, pursue, and conquer fair heart. Allow them to awaken love when He desires. We were not designed to do the chasing and the wooing. Look to Jesus. Waiting can be such a delightful season of great fruit bearing and seed sowing. He alone shall satisfy." ~Susanna Cotter

2. Photoshop is a beautiful thing. I've been tweaking with the look of Anchored in Love for a while and working on a few pages to be added soon. Also, a photography website is in the works and under much construction. 'Tis coming soon :)

3. Continuing with the lesson being learned in #1, my chalkboard is a bright and bold reminder each morning. "I am worth being pursued and I am worth more than 1,000,000 canaries." For the latter, see Matthew 10:29-31 in The Message.

4. At the annual Lifegroup Leaders' Banquet, there was a gingerbread house making contest. I suggested we build Big Ben (well the parliament building that is home to the clock tower) and my team went full out! We made a scene complete with the London Bridge, gummy bears walking across and boating down the river, and the London Eye. We SO won most creative. No really, we did!

5. Mid-week Mom and I met up to see the Radio City Rockettes. They were fantastic! It was such a nice study break and a bit of early Christmas cheer. We both love dancing and have never been to New York City, so maybe one day we will actually see them there!

6. At yet another Christmas party (there have been sooooooo many), we divided into teams by "grade" for a second gingerbread house contest. I was the only girl on my team and the four boys decided to build something from Lord of the Rings. Now I have watched two of these movies but do not have the extended editions memorized like they do. Whatever the building was collapsed and we decided at the last minute to call it the Tower of Babel which fell because a lack of communication. Talk about quick thinking! We didn't win but we had fun, and it tasted so good ;)

7. Back to the Lifegroup Leaders' Banquet: every year there is some crazy theme. This time it was 80's Prom & Your Mom! Thankfully I still had my Footloose costumes tucked away in the closet so out came the prom dress. Tons of hairspray and bright red lipstick later, Alyssa and I were ready to go. I just love her! 

8. Oh, wait... taking a trip to Hobby Lobby in the middle of studying for exams isn't a good idea? Says who? On my study break I certainly made it to the glorious craft store and picked up at set of 36 acrylic paints. Guess what I'll be doing over the break! Plus it was on sale, that makes it okay, right?

9. 80's Prom & Your Mom! is back again! These fabulous people are the other lifegroup leaders and our section parents. I could not ask for a more encouraging, more hilarious group of people to lead with and to be led by! They're amazing! And we look like some 90's TV series that I would totally watch. Wouldn't you?

All for now dearies!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Joyful Journaling {Site Under Construction}

Journaling is good for the soul. It's one of my favorite things. Insomnia has me journaling quite a bit more than usual, but I thought I'd share one of my favorite recents with the lyrics from a new favorite song. Endless Years by Will Reagan & United Pursuit is a must-have! I highly recommend it. Also, the page is under a bit of construction. Thanks for your patience!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd {Advanced Directing Musical Scene}

There was a barber and his wife... and she was beautiful... So begins the tale of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Now, I know Sondheim is a genius but sometimes I wonder just HOW he comes up with these things? Well, how does he decide that things like these will turn into brilliant musicals? That is the true question. My first introduction to Sweeney Todd was in high school. My best friend suggested we watch it on Halloween (it was haunting enough) since we had decided to stay in. Tim Burton had moulded Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter into the perfect Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett and I was enraptured by the show. 

Fast-forward a few years and I am in London during the study abroad trip, brain storming musical scene options with my professors and friends while standing in line at Leicester Square to buy tickets to see Ghost. Most of the group had opted for Sweeney Todd but I chose another. That is when the wheels began to turn.

In the Advanced Directing course, our second assignment was to choose a 30 minute section of a musical and direct it in a four week rehearsal period. My other option was Bonnie & Clyde but I tossed it out the window when we couldn't get our hands on the script and score. And so, Sweeney Todd it was! The music was challenging, the budget was non-existent, my actors were phenomenal, and the stage was huge. But I chose, I directed, and I think I conquered!

This show/scene was one of the most incredible experiences I have had when it comes to musical theatre. I am not a singer and I typically dance in the chorus, but this piece stretched me to a whole new level. It was storytelling and understanding, taking a dark character and circumstance and diving into it with seven actors ready for the challenge. They did such a wonderful job and I have a slew of amazing memories from this project. Below are just a few glimpses into our show. All photo credit goes to the incredible Jared Tseng (check out his beautiful photography here). Enjoy!

I cannot believe I haven't posted these yet! Do forgive me :) 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas with the Robert's {Rules of the Season}

Home for the holidays. Doesn't that sound nice? Well, let me tell you it sounds quite nice especially when I wasn't sure I would get to do much of that. Just before Thanksgiving I put in an application at Pier 1 (one of my absolute favorite stores) and crossed my fingers. I am transitioning out of my work-study position at the theatre at the end of the semester and needed to find another job. I heard nothing for a week, called in to find out they were training a new manager, and was told to wait to be contacted.

Thanksgiving came and went and nothing. I had crossed Pier 1 off my list and went back to the drawing board. But then, two days later I got the call asking for an interview. It went swimmingly and I was offered the job before I left that afternoon. I did not know going into the interview, however, that this was holiday hire and not the part-time sales position I was hoping for. I would be staying in town most of the break now and going home for maybe three days immediately surrounding the holiday. Bummer.

But today I am pleased to say that I am HOME SWEET HOME!  I had four days in between shifts and I wasn't not going home. Christmas time at my house brings me so much joy and I've been missing this place quite a bit. We decorated over Thanksgiving break so I was welcomed home tonight with a roaring fire (though it was only in the 50's outside) and Arthur Christmas playing on the TV. Does my family know me or what? :)

When we decorated in November, I posted pictures of the adventure with a few Robert Family Rules for the Christmas season. It was quite a hit with my friends and family, so I thought I'd share a few with you, too.

Rule #1: All that glitters is not gold, but everything gold must glitter.
Rule #2: If you won't help stage the pictures, please move.
Rule #3: The more precariously hung the decorations, the prettier.
Rule #4: A quick trip to Hobby Lobby is always an option.
Rule #5: The finishing touches are never finished.
Rule #6: What Mitchell says goes.
Rule #7: Nobody puts Bailey on a ladder. That's what the boyfriend-in-law is for (thanks, Justin!).

I'm sure we will come up with a few more before the season is through. Christmas is just around the corner!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Homecoming! {Celebrating BU}

One of the things I love most about Baylor is it's value of tradition. There are so many wonderful traditions carried out each year that have made my time in college all the more exciting and enjoyable. One of those traditions is homecoming. We are known for having the earliest homecoming celebration and the largest collegiate homecoming parade in the nation! No, really, we're on display in the Smithsonian ;)

This year was the third year for the BU Theatre Student Society to participate in the parade. We had a Homecoming Queen nominee, the beautiful Micah, in the parade and the Student Society officers (plus a few members) drove the theatre's truck in the parade as well. It was quite the adventure.

Even though the parade started at 8:30, we had to have the truck there at 5. Kevin and I bundled up and drove through the pitch black downtown to park and wait. We did get a first preview of all of the floats though. Some of them were incredible! Incredible, but a little over the top in some cases. One of them broke down during the parade and they had to reroute the entire thing! Talk about a job to do. In the pause we tried to entertain our crowd with games and cartwheels and candy. Thankfully, just as we were running out of ideas, the parade began again.

The officers of the student society (fondly called Druids) are some of my dearest friends and some of the most dedicated people I know. It would not have been a success without them!

Tonight is another Baylor tradition: Christmas on 5th! The holiday season has officially begun!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thoughts of Thankfulness {My 100th Post!}

“How my eyes see, perspective, is my key to enter into His gates. I can only do so with thanksgiving. If my inner eye has God seeping up through all things, then can't I give thanks for anything? And if I can give thanks for the good things, the hard things, the absolute everything, I can enter the gates to glory. Living in His presence is fullness of joy- and seeing shows the way in.” 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Great 80's Skate-N-Date {BU Theatre Style}

Rollerskating. Something that, by definition, I should be and always have been a little afraid of. In elementary school, the roller rink was the place to be on Friday nights. We'd check in at the door and head for the skate counter, my nose barely reaching the top, and I would stare wide-eyed at brown skates with neon pink wheels. The pink drew me in, but the fear lingered.

I have never been the most coordinated of people, especially on wheels, but when the Theatre Student Society suggested a take-a-date to Skate Country, for some reason I didn't blink twice. It couldn't be that bad, could it? We chose an 80's theme and I unpacked my costumes from Footloose just in time to load up on the red lipstick and hairspray. We were off! And I was petrified.

But thanks to my awesome date Darrell (bless your heart for sticking with me) I didn't hit the floor once! I skated at a snail's pace most of the time, but eventually we were zipping around along with the rest. I clung to his hand every round but the last and all in all I think we had a great time! BU Theatre Student Society Take-a-Date success! Now, I can't say that I'll be darting back to Skate Country any time soon of my own free will, but I am proud to say I survived. A great night with great friends? I couldn't ask for much more.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

{This, That, and the Other} Life Lately Via Instagram

1. A favorite quote: "An infinite God can give all of Himself to each of His children. He does not distribute Himself so that each may have part, but to each one He gives all of Himself as fully as if there were no others." ~A.W. Tozer

2. Over fall break I visited Norman, Oklahoma to check out my church's sister church and to get a feel for the city I may be moving to next fall! Claire came with me and we just so happened to end up there during OU's homecoming weekend. Crazy, right? But I loved the campus and the church --which just happened to be in the old downtown Sooner theatre. Could it get any more perfect?!

3. A little shopping spree at Bloom & Bee sent me home with 6 vintage, miniature lampshades. They are now hung over my bed and they brighten my day every morning.

4. While gone over fall break, my baby brother accepted Christ as his Savior! I got a text from my mom that Sunday after church and I quickly shared the news with some of my best friends. My Big from theatre texted me this picture to show Mitchell. He loved it!

5. My little sister isn't so little any more. Shell-bell turned nineteen a few weeks ago. She's catching up quick!

6. I am currently directing Sweeney Todd as my musical scene for the semester and we are having a grand time! Our final performance is this Friday which I can hardly comprehend! Didn't we just start? The beast --aka the giant platform we built-- is constantly on my mind and I am happy to say we are putting the finishing touches on it in the morning.

7. I love my room. And I love that I love it so much. My room is quite the retreat when things get busy or tiring, and there are many elements that contribute to it. My current favorite piece is a gorgeous pink chalkboard. Thanks, Mom! It currently reads "I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship." ~Louisa May Alcott

8. One, Perks of Being a Wallflower is an INCREDIBLE movie! You must see it. Two, whoever put this on Lincoln's door is brilliant. 

9. Lastly, I took my grand-little Devin on a lunch date/grocery date to Jason's Deli and Target. We spent far too much time in the Christmas section and we were both entirely too pleased to do so.

What have you been up to?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

World Mandate Dance 2012

Watch this and your heart will be stirred. Mine certainly was. I love my church.
More later this week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{Adoption Is} The Picture of Family

Lunch seemed like a normal daily occurrence. I hopped in my red bug after Voice & Movement and maneuvered the traffic on campus only to end up at McAllister's Deli. Nothing out of the ordinary. I spotted Chelsea and Amanda through the window and peeked in to say hello. My order was taken, my sweet tea filled, and I retreated to my favorite table in the back corner. I set out my laptop, binder, and pens preparing to set to work, rummaged through my bag for headphones but with no such luck. I sighed and started to work anyway, but then my attention shifted.

A precious little girl with a bright blonde pony tail bounced to the table next to mine. This little bit couldn't have been more than three. Seconds later, she was followed by two little boys, toothless smiles and two more sisters in tow, the happy family of five ready for their lunch. But there was something different about this gaggle of giggles. Something about them that said "FAMILY" even though the color of their skin may have suggested something else.

I know no specifics, but I know love when I see it. Their mother, within ten years of my own age, rounded the corner and beamed at her children. The waitress soon followed, her eyes widening for a moment before delighting each of the five siblings with their own bowl of macaroni and cheese. Each gave a polite "thank you" before digging in, and my heart melted even further. Over the 80's tunes playing throughout the restaurant, I heard chatter of "Daddy" and "special day" and even a request for a trip to Chucky Cheese's. I had work to do but it was long forgotten as I became mesmerized by this family.

FAMILYFamily is not only signified by birth and blood. Family is a bond that goes beyond. It crosses borders and boundaries, even reaches into the far corners of the earth to bring parts of a family together. This is what I saw today. That is how I want my family to be someday.

Adoption has been more and more on my mind over the past year. I hope it is not simply a passing trend but a value being engrained in the Christian culture. It certainly is becoming one in my heart. Adoption is more than addition. It takes risk and sacrifice, tears, time, and money. Local or international, adoption shapes the identity and future of everyone involved. Adoption is powerful.

"How blessed is God! And what a blessing he is! He's the Father of our Master, Jesus Christ, and he takes us to the high places of blessing in him. Long before he laid down earth's foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love. Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ. (What pleasure he took in planning this!)" 
Ephesians 1:3-6, The Message

I know many people who have walked or are walking the journey of adoption. The beautiful Ashley Ann at Under the Sycamore brought home her daughter only one month ago, while my youth pastor and his wife Amy are drawing nearer and nearer by the day. Our college pastors are leading by example {Lark and Bloom} and her husband anxiously await the arrival of their two little ones. Adoption is possible. Adoption is vital. Adoption is hopefully in my future.

Now back to that precious family in McAllister's. The story only gets better! Homework completely forgone, I opened my blog to begin this post, and was distracted once more. The beautiful mom, who could easily have been wrapped up in the antics of her five children, was engaged in conversation with the waitress. In a few short sentences they were talking about her children, the difficulty in being a single parent, and where their strength comes from. Without hesitation she shared that relying on the promise of the joy of the Lord is what gets her through the hard days, the business, and the good times as well. The waitress agreed and gave praise to God as well for his abundant strength. Soon, they were praying together, the children quietly drinking their water, watching with reverence as their mother and her new friend talked to the Almighty.

Y'all! I am blown away. How easy is it to get caught up in our own worlds, our own needs and business and ignore those around us. Not only did this encourage the waitress but me too! It took a few moments of intentionality, grace, and compassion and both of these women left with a new pep in their step.

Lord, may my days and my family be like this! Mould me into a woman who sees those around me and whose focus isn't on myself. Grant me compassion for children in need and prepare me for whatever my future holds in regards to adoption. Bless those on the journey of adoption and open doors for them to have their families united by the end of the year! You are God of the impossible and I'm believing for it. Thank you for today's encouragement and this beautiful glimpse into what family can mean. 

Thanks for listening to my heart today. I feel like I can conquer the world! For now, I'll stick to the homework I haven't done on my lunch break.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fun in the Sun; Anthony & Cleopatra

Happy fall break, everyone! I'm currently in good ol' Oklahoma for our long weekend, getting a glimpse of what life will be like next year. Ah! So exciting, and more on that later. But in the midst of this, I've been pouring through pictures and found a few I had yet to share.

In the Advanced Directing class there are four of us working together and individually on projects. We each had our own 15 minute scene to direct with a two week rehearsal period. Mine was Romeo and Juliet, and the other selections included Antony & Cleopatra, Taming of the Shrew, and As You Like It. Rachael set A&C in a beautiful backyard, full of old Hollywood glamour. She asked me to take the pictures and I happily obliged. Katie, her Cleopatra, is stunning. Just wait until you see :)

Ah. I wish I could watch this scene over and over again. It couldn't have been more beautiful.
More later this week :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Little Life Update {A Lemony-Fresh Facelift}

Hello dears! Yes, yes, I know. I've been in a black hole these past few weeks. I didn't realize just how quickly things would escalate once rehearsals started and life kicked into gear. Do forgive me for not being around. I hope to remedy this soon. You'll see me more regularly starting next week, don't you worry your pretty little heads about it. In the meantime, I'm working on giving the blog a facelift. Something a bit simpler and sleeker. It is still under construction, so do watch out for some changes over the next few days.

Otherwise, I cannot wait to tell you how wonderful life has been these past few weeks! Busy, but wonderful! My Shakespeare scene went very well and I am relieved to have a two week break before beginning the next project. I am also finding my footing in the semester as a whole, with a pretty set schedule during the week and new free time to do whatever I wish with. Isn't that nice? Like right now: in between classes with nothing really to do! Ahhh.. It's nice.

Here is a glimpse at my version of Romeo and Juliet. We rehearsed and performed it in a cemetery near campus at 11:00pm. What an adventure! More on this later. I suppose I should be a responsible student and head to class...

What do you think of the new look? Is it missing anything?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shakespeare on Location {Romeo & Juliet Inspiration}

It is finally here! Tomorrow I start my first project for my Advanced Directing class. I have spent the first three weeks of the semester preparing and planning for this to begin and I am thrilled to start.

Our assignment is to direct a 10-15 minute scene from any of Shakespeare's plays, and to rehearse and perform it in a non-theatre space somewhere near or on campus. I have chosen Act 5, Scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet. This is a very well-known scene which holds the duel between Paris and Romeo in the Capulet's tomb, and the lovers' discovery of one another's deaths and their decision to take their own lives. My location is off campus in a cemetery, set to perform in the dark of night. It is going to be beautiful (I hope!!). 

I have been making great use of Pinterest and Tumblr to find inspiration for my scene, and here are a few of the images I am taking with me into the design and rehearsal process:

{images via}

My cast is made up of six of my friends from the theatre department, Kaycee and Brit as Romeo and Juliet, Jimi and Brian taking the roles of Paris and Friar Lawrence, and lastly Colyer and Patrick finish with Balthasar and the Page. I cannot wait to start working with them and to see what all they bring to the table. I have great faith that it is going to be a wonderful time and a project I am proud of. Hopefully I will have pictures from the event to share with you :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor {BUT Olympics 2012}

This weekend was the Second Annual BUT Olympics (BUT standing for BU Theatre of course)! The Druids --student society leadership team-- puts on this field day for the entire department at the start of the year as a fun and competitive community building event. The professors were our referees and the day was a complete blast! Last year was the first go around and we had a great time but our numbers were few. This year almost half the department showed up to participate! Woo!

Each year is assigned a different color. The seniors are what?! RED HOT! Then the juniors were blue, sophomores yellow, and freshmen were in green. Last year's reigning champs, the class of 2014, won AGAIN and the seniors... well, we came in last place. But all in all it was such a fun time. The weather was beautiful Saturday morning, some of the nicest weather we've seen since school started. I would definitely call this weekend a success. I can't wait to hear about the BUT Olympics in 2013 even though by then I'll be long gone and graduated (crazy right?!).

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bailey Jean Photography {The Beginnings}

Earlier in the year, I convinced three friends to let me take their headshots. Headshots are vital for performers as they go hand in hand with our resumes at any audition, interview, etc. I hadn't a clue what I was doing, I just knew I wanted to give it a try. Since then, I have learned so much more about myself, my camera, and my style. Once school started I offered my headshot services to our department and was so surprised to make fifteen appointments right off the bat. I'm still learning, but this is something I am not giving up. Photography has always been an interest and now it is becoming more of a reality. I'll keep you posted, but I believe this is the beginning of a great new adventure :)

PS. Aren't my friends good looking? Sheesh! ;)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

More than {Canaries}


"What's the price of two or three pet canaries? Some loose change, right? But God never overlooks a single one. And He pays greater even greater attention to you, down to the last detail-- even numbering the hairs on your head! So don't be intimidated... You're worth more than a million canaries." Luke 12:6-7, The Message

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So Much to Time, So Little Do {Or something like that...}

It's been one of those weeks. Two of those weeks. And a half. You know, those weeks where you wake up with so much motivation, a to-do list a mile long, and the perfectly scheduled day ahead only to hit the snooze button and with it zap all of those things out the window.

It's been one of those weeks.

Classes started, Lifegroup picked up, planning started for the student society.. add work into the mix and I'm pretty set. "It's really not that bad. Not too much to handle, it just sounds like a lot." I can't tell you how many times those words have come out of my mouth leading up to this semester and within the past 18 days. I like to have everything under control. I'm simply one of those people. But the thing is, I can't and don't have everything under control. Ever.

My year ahead is full. Abundantly full! And I am so thankful for it. My God is a good God who has blessed His daughter well, and I am so thankful. But I cannot hoard these gifts and try to master them on my own. They take daily surrender. Surrender back to the One who gave them to me in the first place. Who has trusted me with them. Surrendering, for me, isn't easy. And honestly I haven't been doing much of it.

The things I love become part of a to-do list when I have too much on my plate. People I hold dear have to be penciled in and rescheduled time and time again when I put off my homework or spend too much time on Pinterest (let's face it, that's a regular thing).

This blog, which brings me so much joy, is on the back burner under about six other things, and that saddens me. Amidst all of these things, these opportunities I have and passions I've been given, I've started comparing. Her blog has more followers. She's more joyful and she's not doing nearly as much as I am. Why does he get the spotlight? Why can't I just get a little more attention? 

He this... she that... It's a never ending cycle. And it puts my focus on my insecurities and weaknesses in the world's eyes rather than handing those over to the One who delights in filling those places.

But there is grace. Hallelujah, there is grace! 

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:26

I am forgiven, I am wanted, I am loved. And so are you. It does not matter how many things I check off my list or how many people I impress, none of that can change my standing with the Lord. He always calls me worthy. He always has time for me. He always sees me and welcomes me back into His arms, and that is where I should want to be first and foremost.

My priorities must shift in the coming weeks and I am sharing all of this with you so you can help hold me accountable. I admit that I am weak in many areas, but I'm believing that the Lord will step into those areas of weakness and show me His great mercy and strength, revealing more of Himself to me than ever.

So do bare with me :) And I pray that wherever you are feeling weak, you will feel an abundance of God's goodness, provision and strength as you surrender those areas. Know you can expect great things from your Father! He delights in being your Savior!

And while I'm being honest, here is a glimpse into this week's mess. Isn't it lovely? Praise the Lord, there is grace! And a sweet encouragement from a friend reminds me that my schedule isn't everything. The Lord is still good, day in and day out :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweet Victory; Headshots with Victoria

This weekend I also had the pleasure of taking Miss Victoria out on a shoot. She has some of the prettiest brown eyes and a most natural smile, making my job so easy! Victoria and I are both in leadership for the BUTheatre Student Society and I have so enjoyed getting to know her better through it. She and her roommates also saved me this summer by letting me stay at their apartment for a few weeks in between leases. This gal is super talented and has a bright future ahead of her for sure!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Precious in Polkadots; Headshots with Maddie

Classes are back in full swing and it seems like I am already playing catch up. But in the midst of the back to school frenzy I have found quite a bit of time to work on my photography :) I've taken five sets of headshots already and absolutely LOVE going out to do it.  I learn more about myself, my style, and my camera every time.

Maddie and I went out yesterday and while this cute little thing insisted that she wasn't photogenic, I had to beg to differ and you will soon see why. She has an adorable smile and laugh, one of the kindest hearts and spirits I've met, and she is pure joy to be around. 

 Isn't she gorgeous?

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